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Mødular. Resident #1

Bruno Morphet -

Bruno began spinning on the fringes Cape Town's underground scene in the late 1990s. Graduating to regular appearances at the seminal club More, and holding down numerous residencies at iconic clubs all over the city, Bruno slowly built up a reputation as a purist with an uncompromising approach to dance music, respected by peers and punters alike. Occupying a niche of his own, somewhere between the twin parallels of house and techno Bruno has remained resolutely current for his 20 years in the industry.

In 2006 Bruno, together with Ivan Turanjanin, co-founded the Killer Robot dj collective and club night, in a move that was to prove crucial to the expansion of the South African electronic music landscape. Over the course of the 6 year Killer Robot residency at Fiction nightclub, he helped to curate a night that became renowned for the stellar catalogue of guests that graced its stage. Killer Robot's prescient eye for talent saw artists like Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, Konrad Black, Butane & Alex Smoke all making their debuts in South Africa long before they became household names. 9 years later, Killer Robot still maintains a heavyweight presence on South African stages and performs at clubs and festivals all over the country.

In addition to his ongoing involvement in Killer Robot, Bruno djs in his solo capacity across South Africa and abroad. In Germany he has put in the hours at all night sets alongside the likes of Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves and Shonky at Berlin's Club Der Visionaere, as well as the famous Distillery club in Leipzig. He has shared the decks with an armada of djing stars, is a veteran of innumerable notable local festivals, and his expertise, not only as a headliner but also as a pitch perfect warmup man, has seen him open for everyone from Luciano, Abdulla Rashim and Lucy, as well as sharing back to back sessions with the likes of Lee Burridge and Shonky.

Unconfined by genre and encompassing everything from hypnotic deep house to a full on techno assault, Bruno’s sets celebrate the craft of djing whilst keeping the pressure high on the dancefloor at all times.


Mødular. Resident #2

-Ivan Turanjanin-

Drawing inspiration from the complexities of classical symphonies right through to the raw industrial essence of electronic music, Ivan Turanjanin continues to seek out sounds and compositions that realign spaces and audiences with an eye toward the future. Having spent many years crafting his ability to play music, he brings the same obsessive dedication to finding new ways to present it across a wide variety of arenas. From curating small clubs to running large scale festivals, Ivan seeks to re-enforce the rich traditions of electronic music history whilst lending the same passion to the advancement of underground music culture in South Africa and beyond. Ivan is also one half of longstanding DJ duoKiller Robot, who host bi-monthly events at Mødular.

Mødular. Resident #3


-Cødy Meyer-


Cody Meyer is no stranger to the Cape Town scene beginning his sonic journey in 2010. Being a South African, he is deeply rooted in afro-house culture playing in townships, clubs as well as performing in Angola at Club Tjirinawa and Kalunga. After a 2 year sabbatical, to delve deeper into the music he valued so much, Cody re-entered the market with a more deep tech/techno approach.


His career took off with a residency at the frequented hot spot in Cape Town, Vice City. This allowed him to start his own very successful brands called Blueroom and Acid Garden party, which hosts monthly events at Modular. He has since, played at all the top clubs Cape Town has to offer including Vice City, Modular and ERA, to name a few.


Cody is a genuine, soft spoken gentleman with a passion for music from both the punters and the dj/promoter perspective. His motivation and drive is admirable and is easily identifiable, as he is electric behind the decks.



Mødular. residents #4

-Abstract Method-

Aidan de Nobrega and Robin Hall have used their shared passion for electronic dance music to build one of the most potent and versatile underground duos in Cape Town. In just a few years, they have already played at some of the most prestigious events and dancefloors in South Africa, including CTEMF, Origin Festival, Synergy, Kinky Summer, Truth, and regular slots at ERA.

Abstract Method have made a name for themselves through their monthly residency at Modular, where they have been running Cape Town's premiere underground First Thursday event, Database, for almost 2 years.

These two are known for their discerning taste in music. Their style spans many genres and they are always on the lookout for something new, meaning no two sets ever sound quite the same.

Abstract Method have featured on rosters with the following international artists: Enrico Sangiuliano, Extrawelt, Paranoid London, ARTBAT, DJ Stingray, Egyptian Lover, Gerd Jansen, Job Jobse, SHADED, The Hacker, De La Swing, wAFF, Dino Lenny, Joeski, Doctor Dru, ONYVAA, Rigopolar, Gorge, Patrick Kunkel, AFFKT, Kaiser Souzai, and others.​



Mødular. Residents #5

Nativesound -

Nativesound is a Cape Town based, selector duo consisting of Steve Raath and James Cairns.

The two started at a young age, varying between many electronic music genres, while being exposed to top local and international acts. With no specific genre, the two have found themselves a fitting spot in the Cape Town music scene, holding residencies at events and clubs such as Mødular Club, Forgotten Culture & Acid Garden Party.​



Mødular. Resident #6

Lady M -

Margaret is based in Cape Town and plays a strong and unique electronic sound, continuously earning herself recognition as the country's leading lady in the local deep house and techno scene. Her roots are shared between South Africa and the Seychelles. Having spent her childhood surrounded by the Indian Ocean and absorbing the favours east of Africa whilst embracing a bouquet of French descent - it is no wonder that rhythm and dance is at the core of her being. 

She initially began playing on vinyl in her late teens in Cape Town, hosting residencies at various cocktail bars before making her mark on South Africa's nightclub and festival circuit. Throwing out deeply driving, percussive and melodic house and techno, she experiments and
transitions smoothly within her sub-genres and blends the feminine with the masculine in her sets. The result is an explosive journey for both body and mind, with quality delivery being her utmost focus.

To understand the source she studied Advanced Music Production and currently produces in her home studio and is also a frequent at the Red Bull Studios. Her 'Solitude' EP released in January 2013 marked her as the first female electronic artist in South Africa to release a solo record.
Currently releasing on Cape Town based label Triplefire Music she also has her own label Magique Music. Her label focuses primarily on providing a platform for artists in all edges of South Africa to attain worldly exposure for their music. During 2017 she opened up her talents to the world with a debut EP on Berlin label Katermukke, with a number of performances booked in Germany during their summer.

Being a firm member of the underground scene has led her onto the national field alongside South Africa's strongest talents. With a range of residencies over the years and a regular on the current line ups at Modular in Cape Town and Truth and And Club in Johannesburg, she also performs at Afrikaburn and has been seen ftting the bill for internationals such as Inland Knights, Soul Clap, David August, Lake People, Eric Volta, Superfu, Marco Resmann, Ron Costa, Black Cofee, Culoe De Song, Stimming, &Me, Dirty Doering, Heidi, ANNA, Charlotte De Vitte and Deetron. 

Spending time abroad for the past European summers has also seen her edge herself into the international market with sets in Amsterdam, Cologne, Berlin and Ibiza. Her love affair with Berlin is no secret and has strongly influenced her into the artist she is today, seeing her blending the sounds of Africa and Europe into one.​



Mødular. Resident #7

Nicole Weitsz -

A self-confessed late bloomer, it wasn’t until 2007 that old skool club-stalwart Nicole found herself living in a house blessed with turntables, and the bug bit hard.

Quickly grasping the fundamentals of vinyl, timecode and controller interfaces, she found a passion for big room, bass heavy, thumping techno, in direct contrast to the more delicate sounds of her female counterparts.
Frustrated with the politics of trying to work her way in to the scene, she started what became the most successful night ever to feature at the legendary Chukka Churri. The infamous Hauswork name was born. With an all-female line up playing to a packed-out dancefloor, Nicole found a home to refine and develop her rousing sound.

With the closing of Chukka the Hauswork name became the outlet for the housier musings as a back2back partnership with one time mentor, Ainslie Ford, which still continues to rock Cape Town’s dancefloors with a fearless fusion of deeper and techier house. The 8 hour journeys in to dawn at Bullion became a mainstay and the duo still finds themselves regularly on long-set duty to this day.

Nicole’s techno sound has evolved to be as competent opening a floor as closing a party, whilst always remaining accessible to the changing dancefloor landscape. This has contributed to her becoming one of the most regularly booked female DJs in Cape Town.



Mødular. Resident #8

Spaceman Music -

Spaceman has been involved in the Cape Town techno scene for the past 5 years, holding down residencies and hosting various events such as BNKR (Bullion Bar), Woo York City (Vice City), RADAR (Club 89), but he's finally found a home in Modular. The club has allowed him space to play music that isn't stock standard for Cape Town, this envelope-pushing has been the hallmark of the Vault brand (of which he is one of four members). The brand has been at Modular since the opening night and has been testing the edges of what Cape Town is comfortable with, and then going past that. This attitude is represented in his sets too, where anything can be dropped at any time, be it hard driving techno, breakbeat, acid techno, electro, or hi-fi techno. 2 years on with Vault and they've hosted artists such as Joachim Spieth, Makam, Anthony Parasole, DVS1 and SPFDJ to name just a few. There's no stopping the Vault crew as they're determined to show Cape Town the full spectrum of what is considered techno. 

As a music lover through and through, Spaceman also has a penchant for underground house music where he spins as DJ Okay. This alias has explored the more left-field depths of lo-fi house, electro, Chicago house, Detroit house with his brand 140p. 140p has now joined forces with Jed Cohen (aka FRED) and the Champagne brand. They now work under this brand exclusively and are pushing underground house with a heavy focus on creative lineup curation, ensuring that you'll never see the same lineup twice and always think to yourself "Why have I never seen this DJ before?" ​



Mødular. Resident #9


Jed Cohen is a Cape Town based DJ/Producer. His first proper exploration of electronic dance music began in 2007, when he found himself immersed in the Electro-clash dance scene, which was evolving at the time, in the shadow of pioneering DJ/producers, Simian Mobile Disco, Erol Alkan, Boys Noize, Chemical Brothers and Justice. 

Between 2010 and 2013 he played under various aliases forging his own unique blend of dance music, which quickly caught the attention of Cape Town’s promoters, as he was booked to play regular club nights and festivals around the country, garnering a wide following. 

In 2014, looking to further develop his sound, and imbibing the influences of techno labels such as PoleGroup, and Tresor Records, he fostered a fresh and eclectic style under the alias JED. His sets were distinguished by a more stripped, heavier, raw techno sound, driven by rolling basses, intricate nuances, and dynamic synths.

This marked a great shift in JED’s career, and it came at the perfect time. Cape Town saw a great rise in the electronic music scene, and was becoming a more popular destination than ever for prestigious techno artists. 

At the forefront of this tougher techno scene, and a regular fixture, JED was booked to open and close floors for a wide range of International artists; Anthony Parasole [OstgutTon], DVS1 [Klockworks], Joachim Spieth [Affin], Bas Amro [Wolfskruil], Makam [OstgutTon] and Exos [Trip] to name a few. 

Over the past 4 years, His name has been billed on the line up's of the leading events and venues in South Africa, which support an impressive of roster of local and international DJs. Venues: CTEMF, ERA Night Club, Vice City, Spilt Milk Outdoor Festival, Synergy Live, Rez Fest, Modular Night Club, Fiction DJ Bar and Alex Theatre (JHB).

In 2017, JED contributed 2 tracks to Deano’s Knowledge Rec release Excursions which was met with a warm reception locally, These production’s walked the line between dub and a more classic Detroit techno sound still abiding to the faster nature of JED’s style. In Early 2018, JED and Deano released a collab track “1am” on Do Work Records "OverTime 2” compilation. JED is currently working on a new V/A vinyl only project which is set for release in January of 2019 as well as a string of new productions for Deano’s rebranded Knowledge Imprint. JED makes use of production gear both digital and analog to craft a unique and raw, yet nostalgic production sound. 

As a promoter, He actively responsible, along with his colleagues and music enthusiasts, in nurturing a proper techno and house community in Cape Town, curating the renown brands VAULT and Champagne, which have found a home at Modular for the past two years and have become an integral in the clubs development.

You can also find JED playing House, Disco and Electronica under his 2nd dj moniker ‘FRED’.​



Mødular. Resident #10

Deano -

Coming from a diverse musical background, South African artist Deano has never been one to simply settle for mediocrity. His pursuit for authenticity is endless and his work ethic over the years validates this. 

With numerous releases under his previous moniker D_Know, he has continued to go from strength to strength, not only in his local community but also on the international circuit. Having previously released on labels such as GND Records, ARTS, Ground Factory and his very own Knowledge Recordings his journey through the complex terrain of electronic music has been a great learning curve and also the driving force behind his desire to continuously evolve his artistic output. 

From hosting parties to running a label and events series, to curating and designing most of his own visual content, it was in August of 2018 that his career made an all-important transition. The shifting of his alias to Deano and his primary label to Knowledge Imprint became the starting point for a renewed energy and an even more focused direction. And with releases on Berlin-based label Konsequent, Spanish label Concerns and his own Knowledge Imprint there is no sign of slowing down! In addition, his label will be entering the exciting world of limited vinyl, whilst his event series continues to flourish as he continues to host more top tier local and international artists. 

Deano is also an official resident of Cape Town’s top underground club Mødular. (the venue where he runs his own nights) and makes regular appearances at Johannesburg’s And Club for long-standing techno organisation TOY TOY. On the festival circuit he has played the likes of Rocking the Daisies, Future Frequency Festival and Origin Festival, all of which hold strong spots in Cape Town’s events calendar.​



Mødular. Resident #11


Kyle Russouw has a long-standing relationship with Modular. From countless guest appearances to hosting his own nights, Kyle has endeared himself to the Modular faithful by consistently delivering uncompromising style and quality with every set. While memorable nights are many, most fabled among them was a series of all-night sessions that allowed the TOYTOY affiliate the time and freedom to really come into his own. Drawing on a wealth of musical influences and innate ability to bring a dance floor together, from the deepest depths to it's climactic peaks, these 7-hour marathons made for a rare and otherworldly experience. Kyle Russouw has come a long way from the backyard house parties where he first cut his teeth, to now gracing club and festival stages across the country, and this brazen techno juggernaut shows no signs of stopping.

Mødular. Resident #12


Co-founder of TOY TOY and half-owner of & Club, Fabio is the quintessential 80’s kid. A product of the music video generation he grew up taping 80’s pop shows to VHS so he could listen to them again and again. But it wasn’t until he began attending raves in the early 90’s that he was first exposed to dance music. This new sound awoke something in him and he began to seek it out, eventually moving to Europe, working in record stores in London and Eindhoven in the Netherlands, and becoming obsessed with music from Detroit, particularly techno and electro. The characteristic driving rhythms and melodies of which can still be found in the music he plays today, almost 18 years later.

Fabio’s style itself is characterised by smooth mixing that transitions easily and he tends to limit his use of effects and gadgetry, letting the music speak for itself. That said, his choice of music can be quite experimental in the right environment, exploring disco, 80’s, indie and electro sounds. Whatever he chooses to play however, you can be sure that it’s been considered ahead of time, because by his own admission and in his own words: “It’s the music that keeps me coming back week after week, searching for that moment the music flows and that wonderful exchange with the audience begins to happen, it’s like nothing else.” When asked who inspires him, he lists the TOYTOY residents as major influences.

Fabio again: “Even though we all play different music, they play with such passion and conviction that it makes me want to put time and effort into my own sets”.

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